June 22, 2021

HOW TO LIVE MORTGAGE FREE . I wish I had met @flipping_nj 10 years ago! lol. W…

I wish I had met @flipping_nj 10 years ago! lol. Why? Because I would have had this process down to a science back then and would have had hundred of units by now.

But I didn’t.

Good thing is, I know him now.

And so do you.

See the first step is getting started. Attending one of the seminars and learning what you can’t find in a text book or in school.

Pretty much here is what you should do.

1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. If your credit isn’t where it needs to be, I can help with that. (Lenders comment below what states you can approve in).
2. Find a local realtor in your area to help you find a multi-unit property. (Realtors comment below what areas you cover).
3. Then buy your first or next home that is a multi-family. This can be a duplex, triplex, or any residential area that has more than one unit and has their own kitchen and bathroom in each unit.

4. Live in one unit, and rent out the other units that you are not living in. Depending on your living situation this can be a perfect solution to you starting on your path of real estate investing.

5. As you collect your rent from your tenants, you can pay your mortgage and usually have some left over to where you are living mortgage free.

6. Repeat this process over and over again to build generational wealth.

See it’s not about having good credit. It’s about what can do you with your good credit to earn residual income. Investing in real estate is one of those ways by learning from @flipping_nj and @djenvy on how they did it.

We are in the following cities next:

Houston, TX on October 13
Atlanta, GA on November 17

More dates to come so click the link in my bio to register.

Don’t look back 5 years from now wishing you had gotten started. Start now so that when you are older, you can look back and see all wealth that you generated over the years.

Comment any questions below.


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