July 29, 2021

The weekend is here. Are you looking for ways of making extra cash without havi…

The weekend is here. Are you looking for ways of making extra cash ? without having to commit to a part time? Here are some ideas to help you get paid with almost little to no experience.

– Phone screen repair. Changing most smartphone screens can be learned by watching few tutorials online. It’s not difficult but most people don’t like doing it themselves. Provide a solution ? ? ⠀
– Uber/Lyft: As long as you have a car you can easily start providing rides to people in your area. Weekends are great specially because lots of people heading to and from the bars, clubs, or party’s and are in need of a designated driver. ? ? ⠀
– Flipping items: this one is very simple. You can simply go around garage sales and goodwills finding items with demand. (Not sure what’s on demand?) Look on eBay. What items do you see selling quick and for a pretty penny? Can you find similar items around for you to flip? Great items to start with: toy collectibles, electronics, and books. ??
– Car wash & detail: I like this side hustle a lot because you can gain so much experience on it and possibly make a career off of it. Little by little you can reinvest the money you make into buying more products or tools to provide more to your clients. Bonus if you can to a mobile car wash service (go to client’s homes) ??

What are your thoughts? What are you doing this weekend? Let me know in the comments and if you think someone will benefit from this, tag them! ⠀
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