September 22, 2021

Tesla’s are one of my favorite cars, I been wanting to get one for the last 2 ye…

Tesla’s are one of my favorite cars, I been wanting to get one for the last 2 years…However, Patience and Financial discipline is key….. Just because you can afford something doesn’t mean bust a move on it.. Just because you get promoted at work or your business starts making more money doesn’t mean start blowing it. I see people wayyyy too frequently make more money and immediately upgrade their lifestyle, if your not careful that will have you always living “Paycheck to Paycheck” no matter how much money you make…The one who can remain the most discipline with their income will last the test of time, especially in the entrepreneurial space where all the income you make comes from solely what you create within your businesses, and its up to you to create your own financial security… •

I plan on likely leasing a Tesla out under my S-Corp as a commercial vehicle and reap some of those tax benefits that comes with it… I sold my new drop top Camaro awhile back..I’m currently driving a cheap cash car I purchased off Craigslist and after my wedding last year my wife and I worked on condensing our overhead to do life down drastically just so we can live even better than the golden 50/30/20 budgeting rule and live well below our means allowing us to reinvest more surplus income after necessities into business and assets… This Tesla buy I make will be organized and everything will still align within the Golden budgeting rule… •

I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to work on living below their means, becoming financially disciplined, and budgeting their income with the goal in mind to pursue the 50/30/20 budgeting rule. Its a much more stress free way to go through life opposed to falling victim to the power of consumerism becoming a slave to all the liabilities you own simply working to pay bills because you have no discipline with your budget..Happy Sunday! I enjoyed this weekend hanging out in LA.. But Back to the Grind tomorrow!
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