April 14, 2021

Magic Johnson has a $600 million fortune, but a deal offered by Nike could have …

Magic Johnson has a $600 million fortune, but a deal offered by Nike could have made him a multi-billionaire. ⁣

40 years ago, Johnson was named NBA Final’s MVP. Endorsement deals started pouring in. A lot of big companies offered cash; however, a new company (Nike) couldn’t offer money since they had just started. Instead, they offered profit shares.⁣
Johnson took the cash, not really understanding what shares in Nike would someday be worth. That decision still haunts him to this day. ⁣
In 2005, David Choe was hired to paint a mural for a new company called Facebook. They offered him $60,000 OR shares in their company. David wisely took the shares, which today are worth $200 MILLION.⁣
New companies occasionally offer profit shares as an incentive to get people on board with their vision. That’s exactly what our company did this year.⁣

The best part? You don’t have to wonder IF the company will be successful — we’ve already proven it. We hit ONE BILLION DOLLARS in revenue in 5 short years, on par with Google and Amazon. Yes, we accomplished that goal faster than Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and Netflix!⁣
This is the real deal. If you aspire to live life on your own terms, travel, pay off debt, save for large purchases, etc., this is the key. Families are also able to pass their earnings down to their kids’ kids — aka creating generational wealth. ⁣
If you have ever thought about whether or not this business could be for you, JUMP on this opportunity now and figure it out later. When it’s gone on New Year’s Day, it’s gone forever.⁣
Or I promise, just like Johnson, you will regret it.


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